Time, #997


We had such a fun evening with our son last night.  With his big sister away at overnight camp, we’ve been making an effort to do special things with him while she is gone.  So, for something a little different, we brought him to the laser light show at U of A’s Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium.  I haven’t been to a show there in 20 years and was surprised how crowded their 8pm showing of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” was.

For those of you who know me, you know I’ve been boycotting Pink Floyd for a while now even though I’m such a fan of the music.  Roger Waters, Pink Floyd founder, has been very outspoken about his disdain for Israel and even joined the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against the country.  In my opinion, he crossed the line, when in his live concerts, he animated a B-52 bomber dropping Stars of David and used an inflatable pig in a show with a Star of David on it, as well.

Roger Waters’ politics taint the brilliant music, and I typically turn the radio dial when a Pink Floyd song comes on these days.  I guess for my young son, however, I was able to push aside my feelings for the one night and take him to something he’s always wanted to see.  He loved every moment of it, and his comments throughout the show were hilarious.

A laser show at the planetarium is a fascinating and fun night out for a kid, and I’m writing about it today to put it on your radar.

My song of the day is one with a mixed bag for me.  Here is a video of Pink Floyd’s song “Time” at another laser light show.  Just to give you an idea of what it’s like…..



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