La Marseillaise, #1012


Did I really just read what I thought I read?  The more the Anti-Israel Bastille Day demonstration and attack is soaking in, I am just dumbfounded that it isn’t bigger news.  7,000 anti-Israel protesters took control of Bastille circle on Bastille Day, and what I’m really bothered by is that this was not just an anti war protest.  These demonstrators were shouting out words like “Death to Jews.”  There were swastikas on their make shift rocket models, and then even a couple of attacks staged at local Parisian synagogues. (CLICK HERE to read more about the protest.)

Bastille Day is a big deal in France…kind of like the 4th of July celebrations here in America, and Bastille Circle is the focal point of all of those festivities.  The demonstration that took place on France’s main holiday was not a quiet little group.  This was an organized gathering of thousands of people.

Hello International community?  Do you remember the Holocaust?  I am stunned and deeply saddened that this event was allowed to happen in the first place let alone is not a major story in every newspaper, website, etc. across the world.  The line between anti Israel and anti Jew seems to be blurring, and nobody seems to be talking about it.

Well…here’s the elephant in the room — so start talking!

My song of the day is the French national anthem, because I have always been a major Francophile.  The French are the masters at the “joi de vivre” way of living, but come on!  Why is the French government not being vocal and proactive about these attacks against the Jews on their land?  It’s time for them to step in and chant “Never again” alongside anyone who commits hate crimes.  I’m writing about this topic today only because the story was easy to miss in the headlines, and it is grating on my heart.  I’m shouting from the Old Pueblo – NEVER AGAIN!



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