Born to Run, #1013


A year ago, my family spent a day at our local Tucson water park.  My son, at the time, was caught somewhere between the baby water slides and the big monster water slides.  Besides being too short to go down them, he was scared, as well.  Since then, we have been to Disneyland, and he overcame his fear of roller coasters.  He is never too shy to brag that he has been on Space Mountain.  That is something he is very proud of.

So, when his camp was taking a field trip to Breakers Water Park yesterday, he woke up that morning me exclaiming that he would, in fact, be going down every water slide that day.  Obviously, his prior year there stuck in his head, and he was ready to show that water park who’s boss.

As soon as the bus got back to camp yesterday, I immediately tracked him down.  He was talking a mile a minute recounting all the details of his day.  The verdict:  his favorite slide was the “rock ‘n roll” one, and yes, he went on every ride in the park.

With a gleam in his eye, I could very clearly see at that moment that my thrill-seeking daredevil had grown up just a little bit from his day at the water park.  He got a little taste of  testing the waters with new adventures, and I am thrilled for him.

With this blog today, I am giving a nod to adventure, and Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” is the perfect song to do it with, because my sweet baby, you were most certainly born to run.


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