All My Life’s a Circle, #1020


Salaam_Julie (1)

This is it.  It’s the last week of camp, and it is so bittersweet to put an end to the summer.  What has become my life for the last 2 months is about to abruptly end.  I won’t see most of the staff and children again for a very long time if ever at all.  I am such a camp person that I have become accustomed to these summer goodbyes over the many years of being a camper and on staff.

Part of me is looking forward to putting away the camp staff shirts that I wear everyday for a year and resuming to a regular schedule.  But the other part of me is sad.  Really sad.  It’s hard saying goodbye, and I will miss singing all of those camp songs that I only get to sing during the summer.  I guess that’s part of what makes camp so special…you only get to do it for 2 months out of the year.

So, we are gearing up to our closing circle on Friday and our camp slide show.  These are all done in the final moments.  That closing circle is a swan song of memories made, and I hold it with the highest regard.

My song of the day is the one song I think of at every closing circle.  It is during those moments that I understand the true meaning of Harry Chapin’s words.  All my life IS a circle – ending in the last moments of camp.  The new one begins on Monday though when we start it all over again and begin to plan for next year….a thought that is fully loaded with so much promise.


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