Mr. Postman, #1025


I’m not sure what it’s like in different parts of the country, but in my children’s school district, the kids don’t learn who their teachers will be until just a couple of days before the new school year starts.  All last week, my daughter would ask, “Did it come in the mail yet?”  By Friday of last week, she was on pins and needles, and yet when the mail finally arrived that day – nothing.

So Saturday morning, she threw on her clothes.  “I’m checking the mail,” she hollered at she strode out the door to our mailbox.  Still, nothing!  When the mail finally did arrive, lo and behold, there it was.  The thick envelope included a name of a teacher we know nothing about, but behind it is a glimpse of how the year will pan out for her.  There is so much weight in that one generic name, and I could see the emotion of wonder and fear and uncertainty in my child’s eyes as she prepares herself for a new school year.

It all felt very archaic…and yet comforting at the same time.  In this world of technology where everything has an “app,” it’s nice to know that waiting for a letter for a new school year teacher assignment still holds lots of merit.  It’s the way things should be.

So, my song of the day is also an old classic.  “Mr. Postman” is a 50’s tune by the Marvelettes, but instead, I’m sharing a version of it I found on Youtube sung acapella by 4 very talented high school students.  Their performance of the song is perfect, and it is one of the joys that school has brought to them….as it should be.


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