Coat of Many Colors, #1027


Here we go.  This is it…a day so anticipated for so long.  It is the first day of school.  Teachers have been met, school supplies were dropped off, knowledge of who’s in the classroom has been gained, but now it is time to get down to business.  The learning and school structure begin today, and we are armed with new backpacks, lunchboxes and cool new clothes ready for this big transition.


I am writing this blog at 6am and am about to jump into the shower.  Then I will wake the troops with breakfast and getting dressed and of course, PICTURES!  There’s nothing better than first day of school photos, and as soon as I drop off the kiddos this morning, I will post them to this blog.  Make sure to check back in a few hours.

UPDATE….Drop off was great!  Here are some photos from our 1st Day!!!!





Photos with their teachers:

1stDay_HaleyandMrsFisher 1stDay_Dylan&MrsBowman


And now…for my song of the day.  I was Googling “first day of school songs,” and found many play lists.  This is an often talked about subject apparently, but for me today, one song jumped out.  I haven’t heard Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors” for a gazillion years and couldn’t quite remember the story.  She sings about how her family was poor and that her Mama made her a beautiful rag coat like Joseph had in the Bible.  She wore it proudly to school, and the kids all teased her.  Strong in her convictions, she wore that coat with pride, because she knew that “one is only poor only if they choose to be.”  It is a lovely song and so empowering for young people.

As I send my kids off to school this year, I know that stuff happens with kids.  There’s teasing and bullying and mean girl stuff running rampant, and as a parent, they only thing I can do is pray for the best and hope that I have given them tools and the confidence to be the amazing kids I know that they are.  That’s what “Coat of Many Colors” makes me think of.  So, sweet children, go have an amazing first day and be the best that you can be.  You make me so proud!


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