Get It Right the First Time, #1029


This feels like a very serious week.  It’s the “first time” for everything:

–The first full week of school for my kids

— The first time I’ll be teaching in preschool classrooms this school year

— The first time I’ll be registering for Masters classes ever in my life (or any course of study in over 20 years)

— The first time my hubby will be wearing non-campy clothes since the summer began

— The first time my kids will be returning to Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts after a summer away

The first, the first, the first!  I’m sure I could think of more if I set my head to it, but you get the idea.  It makes my head swim, and where each of these items may not sound like very significant things to each of you, to me all of them happening at once is a big deal.

Everything feels new today, and that’s what all of these first do….they make the world feel like a fresh start.  It’s kind of nice.

So, I am honoring firsts with Billy Joel music today.  I love his song “Get it Right the First Time” from his album “The Stranger.”  Of course, he’s singing about the first time he speaks to a woman, but in my case, I just like to do everything up big every time there’s a first.  So…good music for a big day of firsts is a good way to start.  Happy Monday y’all!


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