Turtle Dove, #1045



When I adopted my kitty, Turtle Dove, 14 years ago, she was a year old and no one wanted her.  I was told it was because people are superstitious of black cats, and they are the  hardest cats to find forever homes for.  Turtle Dove wasn’t black though.  She was filled with all sorts of caramel colors woven into that black fur.  I loved the way she looked so much that I named her after her beautiful coat.  She was considered to be a tortoiseshell cat, so I called her “Turtle Dove,” and often, I would just call her “Turtle.”

I knew Turtle Dove before I knew my husband, and my kids have never known a life without her.  Turtle Dove has a history with us, and that is why it is particularly hard to say goodbye.

We almost lost her twice before.  She went into a state of depression when her brother, Pumpkin, died in 2011.  She stopped eating altogether, but with fluids, vet visits and a change in diet, she started to bounce back.  The diet kept her weak tummy at bay, and in the end when we brought her in yesterday, the vet felt several very large masses on her liver.  It was a pretty clear cut case.  She was a 15-year-old cat who was lethargic and lost so much weight that she only weighed 5 pounds at the appointment yesterday.  It was time so say goodbye.

We are reeling at the loss of a beloved pet.  It is so hard to lose one of your furry family members.  We have been down this road before, but it never really does get any easier.  She was such a sweetheart of a cat, and I feel extraordinarily blessed that I got to spend the past 14 years with her.  She added so much to my life and to my family’s.

It is awesome that I found a “Turtle Dove” song by the Jerry Garcia acoustic band of the late 80’s.  Here he is singing the song with Bob Weir and Joan Baez at the Human Rights Benefit in San Francisco on December 17, 1987.  What a perfect song to express how much I will miss this sweet kitty.  She was so very special.  May her memory be for a blessing, and hopefully she’ll be hanging out with Pumpkin and her other sister Doughnut at the Rainbow Bridge.  There is a lot of comfort with the idea of all of them together.  RIP, my little Turtle.


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