Thank you for Being a Friend, #1047


My friend, Arthur, challenged me to the gratitude challenge on Facebook.  For those of you who don’t know what it is, I have been challenged to list three things I’m grateful for for 5 days and challenge other people to do the same.

Arthur dear, I’ve ignored you, and I’m sorry.  With a full-time job, mommy responsibilities, a blog that I write daily and a new Masters program that I am beginning in two days, I just don’t have the time to do this 5 days in row.  So, instead, I am going to list all 15 things I’m grateful for in this blog post today, and of course…attach an awesome song of the day to it.


Here goes… 15 things I’m grateful for:

(1)  I am grateful for my friend, Arthur, for encouraging me to do this and for being an amazing friend for so many years.  The song of the day is for him, because he’ll appreciate “The Golden Girls.”  I’m grateful that he appreciates “The Golden Girls,” too.

(2) I’m grateful for my family, of course!  I have a rockin’ family!  The best husband ever, crazy kids who challenge me but fill my world with oodles of love, a mom and dad who are there 100% of the time for me, a great bro and his family, lovely sister-in-laws…xoxoxo

(3)  I’m grateful for days when I don’t have anything to do.  I woke at 5:30 today, read for an hour, and then went back to sleep until 9am.  That’s just plain awesome, and it doesn’t happen often.

(4)  I’m grateful that I have an awesome job, work with wonderful people and create programming that I like to believe has an impact on people’s lives.  I love my job.

(5) I’m grateful for music!  Gosh – don’t know what I’d do without it.  It has shaped my life, consoles me when I’m down, energizes when I need that, too, and helps me express myself when there are no words.

(6)  I’m grateful for the alphabet.  Without it, there’d be no words and with no words – no writing.  Writing is the best thing ever on so many levels.

(7)  I’m grateful for having developed the most special relationships with several animals over the years.  When I say animals, I mean pets.  My pets are part of my family, and I can’t imagine a life without pets in my life.

(8)  I’m grateful for the sunsets that happen in the desert at this time of year.  I was married in October with the most spectacular sunset as my backdrop, and I always know my anniversary is around the corner when the sunsets start getting more incredible.  They take my breath away.

(9)  I’m grateful that my kids have two amazing teachers this year and go to an incredible school.  Education is so important, and I am confident that my kids are getting a good one.

(10) I’m grateful that I have a beautiful childhood to look back on.  I love being reconnected with my childhood friends on Facebook so much.  They all know me in a way that most people don’t, because they know my history.  I love them!

(11)  I’m grateful for rainbows, because when there’s a good one, it makes everyone stop in their tracks and stare – even busy people.  Rainbows have a lot of power.

(12)  I’m grateful for romance novels and silly tv shows.  It’s nice to escape every once in awhile and be brainless.

(13)  I’m grateful for being surrounded by young children a lot of the time.  Kids help you never lose your sense of wonder.

(14)  I’m grateful for manis and pedis.  Yes, it might sound shallow, but is it such a crime to just like having something pretty done to yourself?  A good mani and pedi make me happy.

(15)  I’m grateful that there will actually be people who read this blog post.  It still blows me away that I have blog followers.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And, Arthur…here’s your song being posted with lots of love and gratitude. xoxoxoxoxo


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