Too Much Information, #1049


I was up super late last night, because  even though my Master’s program doesn’t begin until today, the professors all posted all the details of their courses last night.  This degree is an online Masters program, which I’m beginning to realize is a completely different ball game than what I was used to for my traditional going-to-classes undergraduate degree.

I think because it’s online, the information is very detailed and spelled out.  I could have spent hours and hours just reading information on how the classes are set up.  There also seems to be a huge use of technology, which I am definitely going to have a learning curve with.

There is so much information to soak in, and it is all so overwhelming.  Kudos to the professors and the college, however, for creating an online environment that really introduces you to your classmates no matter how many miles apart we are.  It’s all a pretty fascinating concept.

So here goes nothing.  I’m diving in feet first.  Wish me luck, because if I thought I was busy before…. oy vey!

My song of the day is from Duran Duran.  It’s from Duran Duran of the 90’s though, so though “Too Much Information” does not have the mass appeal of “The Reflex” or “Hungry Like the Wolf,” I think it’s a great song.  At the moment, it’s the song that popped into my head for this blog, because oh gosh – -I’m feeling a bit of information overload.  Wow!  Just wow!  There is so much to absorb.


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