Volcano, #1051


I’m like a kid in a candy store.  U2 came out with new music yesterday, and rather than writing the blog I had planned on this morning, I have been spending this before-my-kids-wake-up a.m. time listening to the tracks off of the new U2 album.

U2 always has something up their sleeve.  I guess when you’ve had all the years of success, you can afford to make crazy gestures like surprising the world with new music at the Apple showcase.  iTunes released the album for free for a limited time as U2 announced the release of music they had been working on for 2 years.

So I listened to each of the 11 tracks this morning, and I am excited about this album.  It seems there is real depth here as the band members explored personal innocent moments from their youth.  It is why the album is called “Songs of Innocence,” and there are nods to even some of their early music influences – Joey Ramone and The Clash.

Granted, I have only listened to these songs once each, and I wholeheartedly know and have learned over the years that music is absolutely not something that should ever be listened to once.  Music is like fine wine.  It needs to age and breathe, and if done well, it will wrap itself around you in a way that touches deep into your soul.

So, I even though I chose a song of the day from “Songs of Innocence,” please know that this is just an initial reaction.  The song that instantly grabbed me from first listen is their song “Volcano,” which is presumably about a young angry Bono dealing with the death of his mother.  I love the lyric, “Something in you wants to blow.  You’re on a piece of ground above a volcano.”

So here, it goes….listen to a new only-released-for-1-day song by one of my favorite bands ever.  Here’s “Volcano!”  And — for more information about the other tracks on the album, CLICK HERE to go to a Rolling Stone magazine article with a track by track explanation and description of all of these new tunes.  Enjoy y’all.  I hope new music by U2 makes you as happy as it makes me.  I know I’ll be listening all day as I’m doing my work.  Yay for the happy new music day ahead!


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