I Will Remember You, #1052



When I look back to September 11, 2001, rather than thinking of it as the day that the World Trade Center buildings tumbled to the ground or that commercial airliners were used as rockets, I ponder it with an overwhelming sense as a turning point in our world.  It was the day we lost our innocence and the day when terrorism became a household name.  Terrorism beat us that day, and unfortunately, though I simply would have liked to have seen it swept under the rug along with the horrific memories of that G-d awful moment in time, it has been an ongoing battle ever since.

I look at our news today with reports on ISIS and Hamas and the Ukraine, and I can’t believe that terrorism is still thriving.  How in the world were our lives so simple before September 11th?  We really must have been in the dark, but oh – it was such a lovely place to be.

I greatly miss the pre-9/11 days, and I feel sad that my children will never know life without the constant threat of terrorism.  So, as I sit here 13 years later, all I feel I can do is remember and pray and pay homage to the victims.  My song of the day is for them.  “I Will Remember You” by Sarah McLachlan is my way of throwing virtual hugs to the families who lost their loved ones.  Their memories are a blessing.


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