Everyday People, #1053


I’m a pretty extroverted and chatty person, but getting to know new people can sometimes even be tricky for those of us outspoken types.  It takes time to feel comfortable with people and to warm up to a new person.

One of my grad school professors paired up students this week to interview each other and introduce them to the rest of the class.  You never know what to expect, but I really thoroughly enjoyed talking to this complete stranger that I quickly discovered I have so much in common with.  We have similar jobs, both are Moms and are both going to grad school mid-career.  It was so cool connecting with someone who is really so much like me.  I told her as her child interrupted the conversation not to worry and that we have the same life.

It’s amazing to think that there are people in the world that I have so much in common with, because in my everyday life, I rarely meet them.  What a kind reminder to get to know more people and to put myself out there.  Crazy busy schedules sometimes make it seem impossible to realize that there’s so much more outside of the confines of your life.  It’s a great lesson to walk away with this week.

My song of the day is from Sly and the Family Stone.  “Everyday People” is a nice way to embrace all of the people I haven’t met yet but like very much.  Enjoy the video.  I hope you all meet someone new today!


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