A Swan Lake in Tucson? – #1056

Painting by Anna Zinkeinsen.  Available at the Totteridge Gallery in England

Painting by Anna Zinkeinsen. Available at the Totteridge Gallery in England

Up until a couple of days ago, the name Odile only brought one thought to mind.  Odile is the swan in the beautiful Swan Lake ballet.  I hear that name, and immediately the stunning Tchaikovsky music begins swimming through my mind.  How could they have named a hurricane after something so perfectly lovely?

Well, Tucson is bracing itself today for an epic storm carrying enough rain that might require us all to canoe home from work today.  It’s on all the news.  When I hear Al Roker from the Today Show talking about my town, I know it’s going to be big.  Not only that, but Jim Cantore, one of the most famous storm chasers from the Weather Channel is camping out in Tucson right now ready to cover this historical event.

Please understand, all, Tucson is not used to this kind of weather stuff.  Growing up in Ohio, I weathered though tornado warnings and blizzards, but Tucson collectively is a weather wuss.  You should see the way people drive here when it so much as sprinkles!  Schools are already cancelling after school activities, and the rain hasn’t event started yet.

This should be a very interesting day ahead, so I had to provide all of my local Tucsonans with a little mood music for this mysterious moment.  Here you go, guys…the music of Odile.  Enjoy Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” and perhaps do some pirouettes through the puddles.  My personal motto – when life gives you lemons, make some lemonade!


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