All Apologies, #1057



Oh gosh!  What a joke yesterday was!  I must write a follow up blog today for all of you to Tucson’s great flood of 2014 post from yesterday.  It was all the news….Tucson was going to be hammered by the remnants of Hurricane Odile.  Crews from the Weather Channel were in town to report live from the danger zone, as we were bracing ourselves for the predicted 5 inches of rain.   What did we get?  Absolutely nothing!  In the morning, there were a few sprinkles coming down, and by afternoon, we actually had sunshine.

Here’s what our local meteorologist, Jeff Beamish from the KVOA station wrote on their Facebook page this morning:

Meteorologist Jeff Beamish here. Yep, we were wrong Tucson & we’re not afraid to admit it. For transparency’s sake, here’s an explanation of what happened…Odile’s remnants took an unexpected 70 mile shift southeast, putting the 2-5″ rainfall amounts over Santa Cruz & Cochise Counties.

Whatever!  Aren’t the meteorologists professionals?  Never once in their reporting did they use language that told us a “shift” could possibly happen.  Their language was so definite that schools closed, classes were cancelled, sandbags were being passed out, etc.  Tucson was taking every precaution, and there was never an indication that there could possibly be anything other than a catastrophic event.

Meteorologists need to learn a lesson from this.  They are like any other reporters and need to present all sides of the story.  It is unfair to cause undo panic to the masses and then just flippantly say “we were wrong.”  Haven’t they ever heard of “CYA” like the rest of the populous has?  A little “CYA” goes a long way.

So, my song of the day is “All Apologies” by Nirvana, because admitting some fault might be nice.


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