It’s the Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of, #1060



Anybody who knows me knows that I could care less about sports.  I’m a music gal, and that’s my life.  Sports are just not something I understand.  Even though I appreciate the spirit and camaraderie that sports bring about, I pretty much have no clue in what’s going on in most games.

Last night I was sitting in my bedroom with my daughter when we suddenly heard my husband shouting.  “Mom, why’s Dad shouting,” she asked.  “Your brother must be in trouble.”  Brother came tearing down the hall.  “Arizona won, and it was unbelievable.”  I glanced at my iPad, and my Facebook became a blur of “Hail Mary” posts and pride.  I guess brother was not in trouble at all.

I watched a replay of the winning catch that made national news and got almost everyone I know talking.

This moment could bring a smile to the biggest anti-sports Grinch around.  Who couldn’t possibly get excited and feel the energy of that stadium after watching that video?

I’m a U of A alum and very proud of it.  Today, I’m feeling just a little bit prouder and need to take a moment to salute that amazing show of teamwork mixed in with a bit of luck.  Way to go Wildcats!

My song of the day is for your movie star moment.  Hollywood couldn’t have done it better.  Carly Simon’s “The Stuff that Dreams Are Made Of” completely fits the bill for that moment.  So, enjoy all, and GO CATS!!!


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