It’s a Beautiful Morning, #1076

It’s a Beautiful Morning, #1076

Usually when you go on vacation, you try to squeeze in every possible tourist site you can. Often, you need a vacation after you return from vacation.

This time around, my family and I only had a couple of days to get away, so we drove 4 hours from Tucson to the White Mountains, and this morning, we are hanging out in the most charming cabin in the middle of a pine forest. It is heaven on Earth, and the true definition of rest and relaxation.

I could get used to this life. What I wouldn’t do to own a cabin like this, but for the meantime, I can just assure you all that I am truly enjoying every moment in these surroundings. Thank goodness for good house sitters who make it possible for us to get away! That is why my song of the day is “It’s a Beautiful Morning” by the Rascals, because this is such a beautiful life. Unfortunately, I can never figure out how to insert a video from my iPad, so today, please CLICK HERE to head to Youtube to enjoy this lovely song that is marking this moment for me. Enjoy, and a happy day to all.


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