Ghostbusters, #1084


Good morning on the day before Halloween!  As a follow up blog to yesterday, today I am sharing my very favorite Halloween tradition.  Pumpkin Carving!  Last night was THE night, and as always, it was such a happy evening.

First, we dug in.  My kids love getting all ooey gooey, and they did an excellent job scooping out all the seeds.



Then it was pumpkin design time.  My kids spend about a week combing through pictures online until they figure out which design they want me to attempt to carve.  Fortunately, my son picked and easy one this year.

Creeper from Minecraft


My daughter always picks the most complicated designs.  This was the easiest from the bunch, and you can tell, there’s nothing easy about Tinkerbell.



There’s always a pumpkin every year that doesn’t turn out like I’d like.  My son thought this was a leg with a weird foot.

Cat Silhouette


And finally….this is so sweet.  My daughter, who just turned 10, wanted to try her hand at carving.  I’ve always been nervous about her using sharp knives, but this year, I decided she was old enough to make an effort.  She decided to make a full moon.  (Lol!!!!)


You can tell….it was a very fun night and a tradition that I know is as meaningful to my kids as it is to me.

So, why “Ghostbusters” as the song of the day you ask?  I recently made a Halloween CD for my son’s class Halloween party, and out of the 10 songs on the CD, “Ghostbusters” is their new favorite.  There is always room for new traditions, and “Ghostbusters” is it.  Happy Halloween, y’all!


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