Cute Overload, #1085


Is it strange that ever since Halloween I can’t stop gazing at this picture of my daughter?


She’s just so beautiful in her Little Red Riding Hood costume, and it’s not just her outer appearance either.  She is glowing from within, and it shows in her eyes.

Sometimes when I look at her, I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such an amazing child.  She’s not only beautiful, but my little girl is just about the kindest and most caring soul I have ever met.  It’s just a part of her heart.

My son is amazingly handsome and intelligent, too, but today, I am focusing on my girl.

There’s an app that’s become popular among her friends called “Video Star,” it allows you to make a video to a recorded song.  My daughter’s made a ton of these videos over the last few weeks, but the one she made last night is so representative of who she is.  The song is called “Cute Overload,” and the whole video zeros in our pets.

So, my song of the day is my beautiful girl’s video called “Cute Overload,” because to me, that is exactly what she is, and I am seriously blessed to be in the presence of all that cuteness every single day.


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