Kirk Douglas – WTF People Magazine? – #1102



Did y’all hear the report that People Magazine accidentally posted Kirk Douglas’ obituary online over the weekend?  WTF?????

Kirk Douglas is alive well and is about to celebrate his 98th birthday next week.  Not only that, but the Hollywood legend has just released a book of poetry entitled “It could Have Been Verse.”  His “Father and Son” poem about Michael Douglas is just lovely:

Fathers and Sons

“Am I a good father?'” I asked my son

He took a pause, too long for me

I waited and waited for him to answer

And finally he said, “Ultimately.”

But the pause was all I heard

The silence was so loud

I was waiting for some kind word

Something that would make me proud.

How could I be so dumb?

And I never heard the answer in the pause,

When he spoke not a word.

I became a “good father,”

It took me too long to see,

When I needed him

More than he needed me. 

What is People Magazine doing?  I am so creeped out to know that their obituaries are written before a person dies.  It is like they are waiting around for it to happen, counting the minutes and banking on the fact that they will have a hot tribute issue capitalizing on a death.

I don’t mean to sound so cynical, but People Magazine, leave Kirk Douglas alone.  Let the guy live out his life until every breath is gone, because goodness knows, at 98-years-old, he obviously has more to offer to the world.  It’s not his time to go yet, and guess what – it’s not yours either.  I certainly hope People has a learned a lesson from this!

My song of the day is in tribute and celebration of Kirk Douglas and his life that is still going strong.  Here he is singing “Ned Land’s Song” from “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.”  Enjoy every happy moment!


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