Le Spa Sonique – Silver Sands, #1118



It’s been a quiet and thoughtful couple of days with my husband and kids out of town.  My house is clean, I joined my parents for a peaceful dinner last night, lit a fire in the fireplace and am off for a mani/pedi today.  My Mom commented that I am having a “spa” weekend.  “I hardly think that one mani/pedi constitutes a whole spa weekend,” I protested.  She explained that she meant I was having a “spa weekend for the mind.”  What an interesting thought, don’t y’all think?

Now that I ponder this idea, I guess our minds do, in fact, need the same beauty treatments that our bodies do from time to time.  The suggestion really struck me, so I thought I’d share it with all of you.  When I was looking up “spa music” for this blog today (no, I do not have a catalog of spa music automatically stored in my brain), I found a really interesting blog post on WordPress called “The Art of the Spa.”  The post was entitled “The Spa Grammys – Best Spa Music Award.”  CLICK HERE to read the post.

Even though I am a musician, I know very little about spa music, which is usually very electronic, so I read the “Spa Grammys” post and “eeny meeny miney mo,” I chose the one with the title that appealed to me.  “Le Spa Sonique” is kind of like a spa for the mind, n’est pas?

So, here it is, and yes, I think it just might be a massage for the brain.  Enjoy & namaste!


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