It’s 5 O’Clock in the Morning, #1127



My morning blogging has always been my special quiet “me” time.  I wake up way before the rest of my family does, and even though 5:30 am can sometimes be pretty brutal, I really value my special private moments at this hour.

Not too long ago, my daughter received a Target gift card.  When we finally went to go use it, she decided that she wanted her very own alarm clock.  She found the cutest one – a “Frozen” clock that plays “Let It Go” when the alarm goes off.  Granted, that clock would drive me nuts, but she loves it, and it really does help her wake up in the morning.  So, whatever – to each his own.

Suddenly, my daughter, on her own, has decided that she wants to wake up earlier, too.  She’s not up at 5:30, but I’m finding lately that just the two of us are awake together, and she likes to talk and talk and talk about anything and everything.  Tough for blogging – but super nice to have some good quality conversation time with her.

Here’s to early morning hours with the song “5 O’Clock in the Morning” by T-Pain and featuring Lily Allen and Wiz Khalifa.  Happy day to all!


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