Those Canaan Days, #1128



I had such a fun night last night!  My daughter and I had a “Girl’s Night Out” and had dinner together and saw the musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” at Centennial Hall in Tucson.  What a blast, and I’m so glad I got to experience it with her!

Joseph_GNO Joseph_Haley

This national touring production was with American Idol stars and married couple Diana Degarmo as the Narrator and Ace Young as Joseph.  The show, though extremely creative and a visual feast for the eyes was not without flaws unfortunately.  I’m a tough critic, and I truly enjoyed every moment watching this upbeat show with music that I know so well and grew up with.  That said, the voices just did not leave me goose bumpy.  The voices were good, but Centennial Hall’s sound was askew.  There was even a moment when feedback buzzed through the speakers and a one-liner was completely without microphone.  Degarmo and Young’s voices were pop-star quality, so perhaps the wow factor just was not there because their microphones were turned down too softly, and the sound engineer’s mixing was off.

I was also confused at the beginning of the show, which opened with a Mac Book pro and modern clothing.  I’m not sure why the modern-day twist was thrown in or if it was necessary, because really, it’s a musical based on a Biblical story after all.

Between the great costumes and high-tech imagery flashed on the stage throughout, however, I would definitely recommend seeing this production of Joseph.  No one can ever replace the original Narrator, Laurie Beechman, but this is music that stays with you and makes you feel good.  Your toes will be tapping by the end of the night, and you’ll walk out with a smile plastered to your face.

For me, the highlight of the night was the brothers’ rendition of “Those Canaan Days.”  It was the one moment of the show when I really did get goosebumps, and it was played out to perfection.  So, my song of the day (though I couldn’t find video from this tour) is of a song I have always known and has now become a favorite once more.

And oh yes – I simply cannot close this blog without talking about Ace Young’s amazing 6-pack and pecs.  OMG!  It’s almost obscene to see him walking around without a shirt all night.  Ladies – as I said before, this performance is a visual feast for the eyes.  Ooh la la!


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