The Super Bowl Shuffle, #1137



Last night we headed to one of my most loathed places for dinner – Peter Piper Pizza.  It’s really hell on Earth with crazy greedy screaming kids and lousy food.  For children, it’s paradise, because all they’re thinking of are rides and prizes.  Good for them – nightmare for Mom.

Regardless, it was “team photo” night at PPP, and wow!!!! – what an experience that is!  As much as I can’t stand the place, to see 24 sports teams (baseball, basketball, soccer and football) all running around in their uniforms is kind of incredible and kind of adorable.

My little football player was pretty darn proud to be a part of it, and his team was looking rather spiffy.  Can’t wait for those darling photos to come back from the lab!

With the Superbowl coming this weekend, I know one little football player who will donning his uniform and passing tosses to his Daddy with stars in his eyes and dreams in his heart.  Today at Peter Piper and tomorrow playing with the big guys!

Can’t wait to share this Super Bowl classic with my little guy.  He’ll love this, and though it was really kind of cheesy bad music, the Chicago Bears performing “the Super Bowl Shuffle” are like the sweet little kiddos at Peter Piper for photo night – amateurs with lots of heart.  Enjoy y’all, and have fun at your Super Bowl parties this weekend!

In order to see the video today, you’ll have to CLICK HERE, as the embedding feature on Youtube was disabled.  You’ll be redirected to Youtube, and voila – pure 1985 fun.  Enjoy!


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