There’s a Party in My Tummy, #1138


My little girl is so sweet.  A year ago, she took a cooking class as part of her after school program and learned how to make 7 layer bean dip for a Super Bowl party.  A year ago, we made this recipe, and this year, as Super Bowl was approaching, it was all she could talk about.

For days, “Mom, you need to call Aunt Susan and tell her not to make 7 Layer Bean Dip  for her party, because I’m making it.”  So last night I headed to Safeway for the ingredients, picked her up from her play date early, and voila….a proud daughter, and  a pretty yummy looking dish, too.


I love that my daughter has a recipe she makes with confidence, and I hope you all get to eat something just as delicious for your Super Bowl parties.  As the kid’s TV show, Yo Gabba Gabba, would say, “There’s a Party In My Tummy,” and what a great party it is!


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