Olam Chesed Yibaneh/I Will Build This World From Love, #1143



I’m pinching myself this morning.  Did these last few incredible and inexplicable days really just happen?  As I shake off the sleep and weariness from my body, however, I am reminded of why I am so drained.  No, let me revise that.  My body is truly exhausted, but my soul is revived, and I’m going to do my very best to share the underlying message of the last 72 hours with all of you.

Yes, 3 days of learning with over 200 song leaders at Song Leader Boot Camp is educational and offers priceless gifts to your teacher tool belt, but even with the knowledge I have gained from this experience, I am overcome with a deeper meaning of my time spent with these extraordinary people.

Simply, when those two hundred voices come together with abundant harmonies and guitars strumming, there is a vibrational pull from all of that sound that massages the heart and is sent into the universe.  I know the others who were with me will understand what I am talking about, but for all of you who weren’t there, it is a hum – a buzz that joins us all together.  That buzz is a prayer to G-d that is so strong it is impossible not to be woven into its spell.

The tricky part is sharing it and figuring out how to create moments like that for our own individual communities, because oh my – I wish, wish, wish I could somehow bring you all to that space with me.

To me, the song that summed up Song Leader Boot Camp this year was written Rabbi Menachem Creditor.  He was not at Boot Camp with us, but we sang his words truly believing that we could, in fact, “build this world from love.”  That, my friends, is exactly what I aim to do.  Enjoy the song, and may we all come together and carry the deeper meaning of Boot Camp into our communities by building the world from love.


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