Top of the World, #1145


I am so proud of my little Girl Scout today, but more importantly, she is proud of herself.  No, this has nothing to do with cookie season (though she did great with that, too).  Rather, this pride is coming because she taught her entire troop meeting last night by herself and helped her girl scout sisters get the music badge.  How I wish you all could have seen her in action.

The first part of the night was dedicated to talking about the mood of music, and the Girl scouts all danced to different styles.  Here she is showing off her moves.


In another activity, we made musical instruments, and she had the girls make Chiquita egg shakers out of Easter Eggs, beans, spoons and pretty colored tape.  Once the girls made their instruments, they had to make up a performance using their shakers.  Here’s my daughter with her performance group.  Of course, they chose a Taylor Swift song like any girl their age would.


After teaching the 1-1/2 hour class, my daughter was so proud to pass out the music badge to each of the girls.  she felt so accomplished.  When we got in the car she told me that the music badge is her favorite and most special one.  I loved seeing her glowing with pride.


My song of the day today is from the Carpenters.  “Top of the World” is exactly where she was after this experience.  Way to go kiddo!  I hope there are many more opportunities ahead for you to show your leadership skills, because you have so many of them!  That makes a Mama proud!


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