Aeroplane, #1153


Yesterday was a travel day for me.  I flew from Tucson to Orlando, FL for a conference, and for the first time in many years, I flew on Southwest Airplanes.  I love Southwest for many reasons – free luggage, good snacks, lower cost tickets.  The whole cattle call lining up thing and no seat assignments is kind of annoying, but it is a small concession for all the other advantages.

On the second leg of my trip, however, I had to sit in a window seat, which I hate.  I am an aisle girl and hate being stuffed in with an inability to get up during the flight.  I was sitting with a very lovely Grandma and Grandpa, however, who were flying with their daughter and her children sitting across the way.

As we were about to take off, the Mom of two handed me a plastic Zip Lock baggie.  With a smile on her face, she explained it was my combat pay for sitting next to her  almost two-year-old baby.  The baggie contained hand sanitizer, ear plugs, and chocolate.  So clever!  Immediately, I thought I got the luck of the draw to sit next to the coolest and most brilliant Mom on the planet.


And then, the devil child broke loose.  Kicking, screaming red in the face blonde  beauty actually began throwing things.  I got hit twice – once by a cell phone and once by an ice cube.  About 15 minutes into this epic temper tantrum, her body suddenly went limp, and she completely crashed for the rest of the flight.  Thank goodness!

Beware, fellow travelers, if a Mom hands  your very own baggie of goodies to arm you from their child, it is not as awesome as you think.  It is a precursor to the flight ahead.  Get up and move your se

at if you can!

My song of the day is from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  “Aeroplane” was my first thought for today’s blog post, because what an unforgettable ride it was.  Enjoy the cool ’90’s tune and beware of Zip Lock baggies!

Due to technology on the road, I’m unable to embed the video,  but CLICK HERE to go to YouTube to watch the “Aeroplane” music video.


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