Shake It Off – A Tale of the Newest Teeny Bopper, #1166



It is official.  My 10-year-old daughter has elevated herself to true teeny bopper status.  Up until now, she has been developing her own musical tastes, and there has even been a One Direction poster or two that have graced the walls of her bedroom.  Yesterday though took her to a whole other level, and I totally get it.

I am self-admitted former teeny bopper myself.  Duran Duran was my boy band, and I proudly wore jelly bracelets up and down my arms during the Madonna wannabe years.  My music was everything.  It still is even if my tastes have become more sophisticated.  But don’t let that statement fool you – I’m as nostalgic about John Taylor (Duran Duran bassist) as I am for old Muppet episodes.  I still can’t get enough.

My daughter’s been begging to go to the Taylor Swift concert in Phoenix in August.  Ticket sales nowadays have become so insanely expensive though.  First off, the concert is sold out already, and secondly, I just hate the thought of shelling out $400 for us to drive up to Phoenix.  It’s beyond our budget, and I feel like the meanest Mom on the planet.  I totally understand her need to see this concert. I mean, geez, I’m the Tucson Songstress.  How many concerts have I shelled out ridiculous amounts of money to go see?  It’s just that all of that was during my pre-kids years.  I remember every concert I have ever been to, but heck, $400 is a lot of money!  And that’s for nose bleeder seats!

So, my daughter took matters in her own hands.  My sweet, beautiful child decided to write Taylor Swift a letter.  It is going in the mail today despite my explanation that Taylor gets uncountable amounts of fan mail, but the newest teeny booper in the world still insisted on trying it.

So here it is, Taylor Swift, – sent with so much love and hope,,,,


My song of the day is for my kiddo, of course.  It is one of her songs.  It is a song that I know she will be listening to for the rest of her life.  Gosh, how I love my little teeny bopper.  She is so much like me. xo


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