Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend, #1178


I love this picture of the new royal baby Princess.


Yes, she is a perfect beauty and the child of the charming Prince William and Princess Kate.  That is not why I love the photo though.  I love it because of the ring.  That is THE ring.  Princess Diana’s ring.


Jewelry is not just blingy and expensive.  Jewelry is a piece of legacy that becomes heirlooms that are passed down.  That 18-carat sapphire is the ring that Prince Charles proposed to Diana with, and then, Prince William proposed to his wife with it, too.

Royal Engagement Portrait

And now — it rests peacefully alongside the next generation.  It is exactly where it is intended to be, and it’s as if a part of Diana was with them on this very significant and special day.

So, gentleman, understand that when a lady wishes for jewelry, jewelry is meant to live on and be passed on. Besides, it’s always fun to watch Marilyn Monroe sing “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” in this infamous scene.


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