Radio Gaga, #1192


It has begun.  It is the time of year when I become a crazy obsessed mother stalker, aka camp Mom.  My kids are away at overnight camp.  I’ve got one kid who was sick in the infirmary for her first night of camp and one kid who has never been away from home before.  This has sent me into a spiraling frenzy of searching desperately for glimpses of their happiness in the photos that the camp uploads to their website every night.

My daughter was released from the infirmary late in the day yesterday, and I am so happy she is back in action.  Unfortuantely, as a result, there were no photos of her at all.  I just hope and pray there’s at least one tonight that shows me she’s finally okay.  Her Mama needs that!

My son, on the other hand, seems to be in camp heaven.  Here he is playing Gaga.


And here he is getting a piggyback ride from a really sweet looking counselor.


The camp has taken on the best project ever this summer.  They now have a camper led radio station, and it totally gives us a glimpse into camp life.  This is the same broadcast that is played in the cabins as the kids are getting ready for breakfast each day, and it is a completely awesome addition to camp!  CLICK HERE to check out the link.  It is an amazing model to follow for all teen programming.

My song of the day today is a combination of camp fun.  “Radio Gaga” by Queen fits the bill perfectly.  Happy bundle of camp fun to all!


About tucsonsongstress

I am a music teacher for children ages 6-weeks-old - 8th grade. I am also a camp songleader and a Jewish music specialist with and without my husband who is known as Shabbat Scott. We love singing with people of all ages all over Tucson. My "song of the day" idea originally started by playing music challenges on Facebook. I loved choosing songs, and my friends seemed to love reading and listening to my choices. I have decided to continue a daily blog (or as daily as I can manage) and tell you all some stories through some songs that have touched me either in wonderful ways or by annoying the heck out of me. Hope you all enjoy this blog! Happy singing!

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