Time After Time, #1229

'I told you these Time Share properties were a rip off!'

‘I told you these Time Share properties were a rip off!’

Oh hell!  I can’t believe I just was suckered into that hour-long phone conversation.  Our family is going on vacation in a couple of weeks, and when Hilton Honors just called with an amazing package offer, I listened.  The Hilton name always guarantees an excellent vacation, and often we stay at their properties and accumulate Hilton Honors points to get the best prices that we can.  So, when Hilton announced themselves on my phone this morning with a great rate, 2 tickets to a theme park and additional nights added on for only $50ish per night, I was all ears.

We were all set to book this vacation and then the bomb dropped.  “In order to take advantage of this package deal, we will need you to attend a two hour timeshare presentation.”  WTF??????  Not interested, lady!  What a waste of time.  For us, that’s a deal breaker.  We are not spending our vacation in a two hour timeshare presentation that we absolutely have no interest in.

I am so bothered.  Hilton is a name we have always trusted – our #1hotel chain we turn to when planning our trips.  They should have told us about this timeshare business up front.  We have never known them to be into high pressure sales like that.  What a disappointment!

This experience really makes me question my trust in this chain which I have always loved.  So, my song of the day is Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time,” because “time after time” I turn to names I trust but not ones that force me into situations that are uncomfortable and take advantage of the consumer.  No thank you.


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