Daydream, #1232



My daughter came plowing into our home last night with 24 hours of stories and excitement to share.  She was bursting at the seams with joy after spending a magical trip with her Grandma in Los Angeles.  This trip was her birthday present, and it consisted of a visit with family, a first-ever make up lesson at Sephora, and lunch with beauty treatments for one very special doll at the American Girl Doll Store.  It was a dream of a weekend, and the pictures that were emailed to me reflected so much joy and special bonding with Grandma that I just have to share.

The Makeover

When I was a girl about my daughter’s age, my friends were sneaking makeup to school and putting it on in the bathroom.  They looked ridiculous with globs of bright blue eye shadow and huge pink circles on their cheeks.  My mother, who has always been so wise, recognized this.  Instead of having me join the company of silly clown makeup, she took me for a makeup lesson, and I learned how to apply makeup tastefully.  This was the case for my daughter at Sephora, and wow!!!- what a beauty queen.  Here are her before and after photos.



The Other Makeover

After my daughter’s makeup lesson, there was another makeover to take care of.  This one was for Sage, my daughter’s American Girl Doll, who travelled all the way from Tucson with her.  Her hair was styled, and as I understand it there were pages of options to choose from.  Is this place for real?  OMG!


Lunch for a Princess

Now that everybody was all glam, it was time for lunch at the American Girl Doll Cafe.  I guess my Mom ordered the full birthday package for the birthday princess, and these pictures are just unreal – a daydream come true.  Check them out!



Time spent with a Grandma is irreplaceable, and I only wish I could have had a day like this with my Grandma when I was my daughter’s age.  I know that she will cherish these memories forever, and I am so excited that my little girl had this experience with her Grandma.  Thank you Mom!  You made a daydream come true, and that is why my song of the day is “Daydream” by the Lovin’ Spoonful.  Love you to pieces!!! We both do.  xoxoxoxo


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