Breakfast at Tiffany’s, #1234



My husband is the best.  Yes, this is one of those blogs which clearly states why my husband is better than yours, and ladies, it all boils down to our weekend mornings together.

I do most of the cooking in our house, but on Saturday mornings (and Sundays when we’re not working), Chef McDreamy comes to life!  My husband goes to town: eggs of all varieties, sausage and bacon (turkey, of course) and some sort of yummy buttered toast wafts through our house torturing my senses until it’s finally time to eat.  I don’t know why he’s so much better at making breakfast then I am, but oh gosh….who cares?  I feel completely spoiled and blessed to have a husband with this ability and who cares so much to do something nice for his family.  It’s a breakfast made with love, and the kids feel it, too.  Breakfast made by Daddy is, for sure, a much loved family weekend ritual.

Well, blog readers, time to end this post, because breakfast is ready!  My husband treats our family like royalty, so this breakfast is nothing less than a special “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”  Deep Blue Something wrote a great 90’s song, but I’m bringing it back today for this happy moment.  Bon appetite!


About tucsonsongstress

I am a music teacher for children ages 6-weeks-old - 8th grade. I am also a camp songleader and a Jewish music specialist with and without my husband who is known as Shabbat Scott. We love singing with people of all ages all over Tucson. My "song of the day" idea originally started by playing music challenges on Facebook. I loved choosing songs, and my friends seemed to love reading and listening to my choices. I have decided to continue a daily blog (or as daily as I can manage) and tell you all some stories through some songs that have touched me either in wonderful ways or by annoying the heck out of me. Hope you all enjoy this blog! Happy singing!

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