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The Best of Times – I’m a Tucson Weekly “Best Of” Finalist! – #1197


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Good morning blog readers! I had the best news yesterday.  I learned that I am one of the 5 finalists in Tucson’s local “alternative” newspaper, “The Tucson Weekly for best local blog.  I am just so honored to be included in this list, and it’s amazing that I made it this far.

If you’d feel so inclined, there is a “next step” to becoming a winner of this contest.  I need you to vote, pretty please, but there are a couple of rules you need to know first.

–The voting ends August 2nd
–1 ballot per person
–Ballots without a full name, email address and phone number will not be counted
–You must vote in at least 30 different categories for the Tucson Weekly to count your vote

So, if you can do all that, please CLICK HERE to go to the Tucson Weekly ballot page.  I would be so grateful if you could do this for me.


…there’s more!

My Dad, David Unger, is an amazing sculptor, and he is a finalist for best local artist.


….My work, The Tucson Jewish Community Center, is on the list for best local gym.

Please vote for all of us.  I would, love, love, love for all of us to share this success together.

There is such a good song of the day for this moment.  “The Best of Times” by Styx fits the Tucson Weekly “Best of” list perfectly.  So, enjoy the video and thank you ahead of time for all your help!  I love my Tucson Songstress blog readers. xo


Tucson Songstress in the Arizona Jewish Post



Thank you so much, Arizona Jewish Post, for including the Tucson Songstress in your most recent issue.  It is so nice to receive your support!

Tucson Songstress friends, if you’ve never read the Arizona Jewish Post, CLICK HERE to go to their site.


CLICK HERE to see the little blurb they wrote about the Tucson Songstress.

In Hebrew we say “Todah Rabah” to mean “thank you very much,” and a hearty one to them!

Tucson Songstress is Stressed About Telling a Story


I love blogging!

Today, I wrote about how nervous I am about an upcoming storytelling engagement that I have committed to.  Well, the founder and ex-producer, Penelope Starr,  for Odyssey Storytelling contacted me through my site and asked permission to reprint my blog post in the local online version of the Tucson Citizen, a former newspaper in Tucson.  Ends up, she blogs for the online publication and was interested in my post.  So, check it out!  Click HERE to see The Tucson Songstress in the news!

Thank you so much, Penelope Starr, for your interest!  I am honored!

Tucson Songstress in the News with PJ Library of Southern Arizona


I am thrilled to report to you all today that one of my blog posts I wrote several weeks ago received some awesome national attention today.  I say it is “awesome,” because it is such a wonderful thing when I can also draw some attention to a deserving and incredible organization.

PJ Library of Southern Arizona (CLICK HERE FOR THEIR WEBSITE) has provided my family with engaging and fun Jewish literature monthly, which I also, in turn, use in my lesson planning as a Jewish educator.  The Southern Arizona chapter hosts wonderful events throughout the year with great storytelling and crafts, and I am so grateful for all that they do.

Here is a little about PJ Library (straight from their website) on a national level:


About PJ Library®

“PJ LIBRARY IS A JEWISH FAMILY ENGAGEMENT program implemented on a local level throughout North America. We mail free, high-quality Jewish children’s literature and music to families across the continent on a monthly basis.

PJ Library is a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, made possible through partnerships with philanthropists and local Jewish organizations. Today, families in hundreds of communities across the United States and Canada are able to explore the timeless core values of Judaism through books and music.

All families raising Jewish children from age six months of age through five, six, seven or eight years (depending on the community) are welcome to sign up. ”


Today, the national PJ website, shared my blog post, “Afikomen Mambo #634,” in a Friday feature called “Photo Fridays.”  Here’s the link for you to check it out:

Thank you, PJ Library, for showing a little love to our local Tucson chapter.  It is an honor to be included on the site, and hopefully, I can bring awareness of all you offer to my Tucson Songstress audience, too.

When You Believe, #629


Today is a really fun day for me, as today is the first of the 4 model Passover seders I am involved in this season.  The life of a Jewish music specialist becomes especially busy at Jewish holiday time, and Passover is no exception.  I travel from seder to seder learning different songs for each one, as they all take on their on their own personality and character.

Today’s model seder is at the Tucson Jewish Community Center at their preschool.  It is so much fun, because we actually re-enact the story in a very preschool friendly kind of a way.  We have a baby Moses in a basket from one of the infant rooms, and my husband dresses up as grown up Moses every year, too.  The hilarity of it all makes it fun for the kids and so special for all of us to put on.

Last year, I wrote a guest blog for the Tucson JCC on child-friendly seders.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, today I’m going to redirect you to that blog post for the song of the day.  The Tucson JCC offers incredible programs, and the ECE model seder and the Chocolate Seder (Click HERE for more info) are two of my favorites.

So, check out my April 2012 guest blog post, “When You Believe,” by clicking on this link:

Happy Passover season to all who celebrate!

Tucson Songstress in the News!


Thank you to the Arizona Jewish Post for their recent blurb about my Blogger of the Year Award from Laura Lamere ( and created by The Thought Palette. (  Check it out, friends!  Here’s the link:  Arizona Jewish Post:  People in the News

Are You Raising Well-Rounded Music Kids?


Hello Tucson Songstress friends!

I am so pleased to share my most recent guest blog with all of you.  This time I had the honor of working with an incredible organization called the National Association of Music Parents (AMP).  Their mission is wonderful, and I am proud to be associated with an organization that is such an advocate of music education.  Here’s their mission:

AMP, The National ASSOCIATION OF MUSIC PARENTS mission is to build a grassroots national movement that brings together ALL STAKEHOLDERS of Music Education to defend the interests of our students and ensure that music and the arts remain an integral discipline within the core education system in America. 

Amen!  I love these guys!  For sure, check out their website by clicking HERE, and please do everything you can to ensure music education in your child’s school.


So, y’all…here’s the link to my blog post on their website!  Hope you like it!  Click HERE to read “Are You Raising Well-Rounded Music Kids?”