Rock & Roll High School,#1249



I’ve been kind lackluster about blog writing lately.  I am such a busy person, and if there is no topic that jumps out for me, I’ve been finding it daunting to write.

This morning, however, a childhood friend posted some photos of construction being done on a building and referred to it as our former high school.  What was this modern looking place that was expected to open in Fall 2016?  It was not the modest little building that makes me think of my home town as so wholesome and quaint.  It breaks my heart a little that what was is now being pushed away for something shinier and new.  Here’s an animated look of the new entrance.

To add salt to the wound just a bit, they’re building this amazing new theatre, too, and there’s even a performing arts school attached to it.  Performing arts school???  Are you kidding me?  I ended up leaving that high school and going away to boarding school so I could go to performing arts school.  I can’t even imagine how different my life would be today if that had existed when I was growing up there.

I guess I should be happy for all the future students who will be blessed with these incredible new digs, but I must admit that I’m a bit sad over the whole thing.  My home town should always stay the same.  All the same stores should be there when I come home for a visit, and everything should remain in the same spot just as it was so I can find it again.

I am very good about accepting change…just not with my home town though.  No more changes, please!  I want you stay just as I remember.

My song of the day is from the Ramones.  Their Rock and Roll High School describes this new foreign place.  It is sure to be rockin’, but I just wish it it was as corny as ever.


Gratitude, #1248



I love Thanksgiving!  It’s the one day of the year that people open up with their feelings and acknowledge their appreciation for one another.  So here I am, too.  I’m joining the band wagon and letting you all know how grateful I am for my friends, family and Tucson Songstress fans.  Music people are the best, and anyone who follows my blog falls into that category.  In my opinion, music brings people together, and I am entirely blessed that it has connected me with you!

My Thanksgiving song of the day is from Earth, Wind and Fire.  Their “Gratitude” brings a funky edge and spirit to this day, so enjoy and count your blessings that we have each other.  I sure do. xo

I Want To Be The Girl With the Most Cake, #1247


Yesterday was my son’s 9th birthday party, and I couldn’t help but think and realize that since I’ve been a mother beginning in 2004, I have hosted 18 birthday parties between my two kids.

Oh gosh…planning a kid’s birthday party takes a lot of effort and care, but nothing is more important to a child than the cake.  The cake determines the theme of the party, and that is the end all/ be all important matter of the year to children.

So, I took a look back at all the past cakes.  So many themes, so much yumminess, so much happiness all from this one important detail.  I couldn’t find photos of all the cakes, but here are 15 of them.

My daughter’s 2nd birthday:  Elmo


My son’s 1st birthday:  All Star


Daughter’s 3rd Birthday:  Winnie the Pooh


Daughter’s 4th Birthday:  Hello Kitty


Son’s 3rd Birthday:  Thomas the Train


Daughter’s 6th Birthday:  Little Mermaid


Daughter’s 6th Birthday:  The Fashion Party


Son’s 5th Birthday:  Kung Fu Panda


Son’s 6th Birthday:  Pirate Party


Daughter’s 8th Birthday:  Smurfs!


Son’s 7th Birthday:  Legos


Daughter’s 9th Birthday:  Pretty Cake1375204_10202384271195285_1050363055_n

Son’s 8th Birthday:  Minecraft


Daughter’s 10th Birthday:  Frozen


Son’s 9th Birthday:  Jurassic World


Daughter’s 11th:  Music and Karaoke Cake


My kids’ birthdays are 6 weeks apart, and with the end of my son’s party yesterday, it means we have a whole year to plan for next year.  I can only imagine what they will drum up.  Until then, as Courtney Love sang in the 90’s, “I want to be the girl with the most cake!”  That’s why Doll Parts is  my song of the day.  Enjoy!

Note:  I am having a tough time today embedding the video (?????) – will try from another computer later.  Until then, CLICK HERE, to be directed to watch Hole perform “Doll Parts.”

My Boy Lollipop, #1246



This boy absolutely makes my heart swoon.  With a single glance, he can make me melt and reduce me to a bowl of mush.  That is why that today, on his 9th birthday, I want to make certain that every single moment is spent making him feel so special.

There are chocolate donuts for a classroom party at school, dinner plans at his very favorite restaurant tonight (Taco Bell!- LOL!) surprise gifts and so much love all day.

When I was kissing him goodnight last night, he gleefully determined, “I think somebody might wake me up with the Happy Birthday song tomorrow morning.”  He is right.  Somebody will joyfully sing to him first thing in order to start his day with happy wishes from the moment he opens his eyes.

This is “My Boy Lollipop” – the kid that fills me with his sweetness.  Happy birthday sugary sweet, 9-year-old.  I love you to the moon and back!  Hope your day is perfect and as special as you are. xo

Aux Champs Elysees, #1245



I have always had such an innate connection to France.  The “joie de vivre” mentality and the provencale sentiment…it has always spoken to me from the time I was very young.  You might call me a Francophile or perhaps I have spent my past lives skipping through lavender fields and eating baguettes smothered with brie…who knows?  The fact is that the attacks in Paris yesterday were like a personal assault.  As I viewed the graphic images of the Parisiene blood-stained rue, it was more than just an attack on humankind.  It was an attack on the place that feels like my home away from home. 12244648_10208635001659640_8573617222457598909_o

My first instinct when I absorbed the news of the evening’s horrific events was to come home and turn on the news.  I wanted to sit for hours in front of the headlines to learn every ounce of information I could.  I was flipping channels for about a minute when my 8-year-old son spoke up.  “Mom, please turn this off.  It’s scaring me.”  I turned it off right away.


As connected as I have always felt to this charming ville, at that moment I felt worlds away.  It occurred to me though – perhaps it was okay to feel disconnect in this instance.  I don’t want to think of beautiful Paris as the place terrorists tried to make ugly.  I want to remember it as I always have – romantic and sentimental and brimming with style and culture.

Moments like these are the toughest to explain to your children, but I think my son is wise beyond his years.  Thank you, dear boy, for making me “turn it off,” and instead of focusing on how awful the world can be, I will show him Paris through my eyes when I was in my 20’s wandering from sight to sight along the Seine the year I spent a summer there.  I want him to see Paris for its beauty – not its horror.  12265610_10208635000699616_819796831853837529_o

My song of the day is one I learned in French class in high school.  “Aux Champs Elysees” focuses on the hubbub of activity along the Champs Elysees.  This is how I want to think of one of the most amazing cities in the entire world-lovely Paris.  Vive la France!

12239294_10208635000779618_7774076879879875635_o  12239327_10208635000899621_4539407917744658026_o

Fortunate Son, #1244



My kids are attending a new school this year, and for the first time in their school career, they do not have today, Veteran’s Day, off as a holiday.  Granted, they attend a private Jewish day school, and they just had a ton of days off for the Jewish holidays.  I can only imagine that the school administration felt it was just too many days to be out of session.

At first I was a little annoyed by the decision to not close the school today.  It is our responsibility as Americans, after all,  to acknowledge and honor our veterans, but yesterday, my opinion changed.

As we were driving to school, my son began to talk about his special Veteran’s Day performance his class was working on for the special Veteran’s Day Assembly that the whole school would be attending.  Then the conversation turned into, “Mom, what is Veteran’s Day?”  Holy wow – all those years in public school taking the day off, and they had absolutely no clue as to why.

So, it occurred to me that perhaps we’re doing the wrong thing with kids on Veteran’s Day.  I say, put kids in school on this day and spend the whole day devoted to the topic and with special programming all day long.  Let them really learn why this is such an important day by embracing it in a kid-friendly way.  Get on it, teachers, and thank you to our kids’ school for making my kids think about this day enough ask about it.

My song of the day, is of course, a long-standing Veteran’s Day anthem.  Creedance Clearwater Revival’s “Fortunate Son” brings us back to Vietnam as they sing “Some folks are born to wave the flag…It ain’t me, it ain’t me!”

Paint It Black, #1243


I might be a creative person, but in all honesty, i don’t have an artistic bone in my body. My father is an amazing professional sculptor, and you would think that some of that artistic ability would have rubbed off on me.  Not so!  Once I signed up for a pottery class, and it was just a joke.  It’s okay, I know my strengths and weaknesses, and visual art is just not one of my G-d given abilities.

I might not be a painter or good at drawing anything that resembles an ounce of realism, but I am crafty.  I love scrapbooking and am a frequent Michaels Arts and Crafts shopper.  It might be obvious that if anything could inspire me to get out some paints, however, it would be music.

Well, with Halloween behind us, I had a left over gourd that dried out and became an amazing natural shaker.  I have bought so many gourds over the years in hopes that this would happen.  Finally, this year I got a beauty, so I decided it needed to be painted.  I wanted to hand it off to my daughter loving the idea of immortalizing one of her creations to keep with me throughout my musical life.  No such luck….she began to paint the thing a pinkish shade and lost interest before she even covered it up with the first coat.

Uggghhhh….I guess I would need to try painting, because there was no way I was throwing out my beautiful maraca gourd.

So, blog readers…here is the result.  I know it’s not neat or professional, but I kind of love it.  I can’t wait until next Halloween season when I know which gourds to seek out.

IMG_4982 IMG_4983

The most famous song about painting has to be “Paint It Black” by the Rolling stones, so as a nod to painting (no matter how untalented I am), here’s a great tune.  Enjoy y’all, and may music inspire you to jump out of your comfort zone from time to time, too.