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Pure Imagination,#1256



Every once in a blue moon, you encounter a soul so purely creative and innovative that just being in their very presence is inspiring.  I don’t just mean the kind of inspiring that gets your thoughts spinning and taps into your imagination.  Instead, this sort of once-in-a-lifetime earth shattering force gets your creative juices flowing and doesn’t stop there.  They inspire action.  They inspire the fire that lights your pants and gets you up and going.  They inspire you to share your efforts and to stand up and be noticed.

That was the kind of person my Uncle Irving was.  His creativity was absolutely limitless, and watching him work was mind boggling.

One time I ran into him at the local library with a stack of books in his hands as he was leaving and walking to his car.  His short explanation to me as we crossed paths was “I couldn’t figure out how to do something.”  What a statement!  Uncle Irving simply was not the type of person to give up and under no circumstances would accept defeat.

There are so many funny stories I could share about my uncle, but when I really think about writing this blog, it’s not the stories that I really want to pass along.  I know that my family and friends will read this, and I think what I most want them to take away when they remember Irving Olson is this:

Absolutely anything that you dream of achieving is possible.  Go give it your all and don’t let anybody tell you how to do it.  It’s your dream, and you are its inventor.

He never said those words to me, but just being in his presence made me believe them.  He didn’t have to say those words to me, because Irving Olson led by example.

The last time I used the song “Pure Imagination” for a blog post, it was a blog about Steve Jobs.  Yes, my Uncle Irving was an elite innovator of the highest ranks.. He was Steve Jobs creative, and so…it is time to use this song again.  I’ll give it a bit of a different twist though.  Maroon 5 did a cover of “Pure Imagination” when Gene Wilder passed away a few weeks ago.  It’s a well done cover, and AdamaLevine’s voice is perfect for it.  So, here it is a new spin on a classic…enjoy!


End Note:

I wonder if I’ll ever use “Pure Imagination” again.  Perhaps not, because this type of innovation only comes around once in blue moon.  Uncle Irving passed away just shy of his 103rd birthday.  I hope in the next century, we’ll encounter this rare breed again.  One can only hope.



Sugar, #1130


When my husband and I were engaged to be married, we were living in Los Angeles.  There was one day that I was at home, and my phone rang.  It was my soon-to-be husband on the other end.  He was shopping at Circuit City (which no longer exists) and ran into Stevie Wonder.  The super cool part of this story is that we had just picked the song we would be dancing to as the “first dance”, and it was Wonder’s “Ribbon in the Sky.”

It was amazing that my husband had the opportunity to tell Stevie Wonder that we had chosen his song, and so Stevie Wonder got on the phone to talk to me.  “If you want, I’d love to come sing it for you at your wedding.”  Say what????!!!????  “Stevie Wonder, you’d come to Tucson, AZ to my wedding to sing it?  No way!”  He gave us his contact info for his business office (called Wonderland) and said if his schedule allowed, he’d be there.

Unfortunately, though we sent Stevie an invitation and called him, there was never any response.  Nothing beyond the conversation at Circuit City that fateful afternoon.  Oh well – all’s well that ends well.

So today, a friend posted the new amazing Maroon 5 video for “Sugar” on Facebook.  Adam Levine and the boys crashed weddings in Los Angeles, and the result is fantastic.  My close call with Stevie Wonder pales in comparison to Maroon 5 actually showing up and surprising the heck out of these brides and grooms.  You got to watch this.  It’ll be sure to give you a grin for the rest of your day.  Enjoy and happy Thursday to all!  (Click the link to watch the video!)

Moves Like Jagger, #299


Sometimes I wonder if my son is really related to me. I know that’s a crazy thing to say, but my mind does sometimes wander to the remote possibility that he was switched at birth at Tucson’s St. Joseph’s hospital.

Here’s why I’m thinking this:

My son was born into a family of performers. Both my husband and I are musicians, and he has grown up watching us sing and perform in front of people. My daughter has caught the performance bug begging to get on a stage any chance she gets and hogging the microphone from the time she was 3-years-old at her little preschool class performances.

My son, however, is different. He is not really a shy kid in a situation where he has familiarity, but put him in a new environment, and he gets so quiet and removed.

Last night I sent him to a party at his karate studio. He knew the other kids there, but usually I send him to these parties with his sister. Last night he went on his own, and he sat quietly in a chair watching his friends play when I left him. The studio was having a talent show and for days, I tried getting my little guy prepared. His favorite song currently is Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger,” so I thought it’d be cute if I taught him how to move like Mick Jagger. Nope. He wanted nothing to do with it.

The kids were receiving prizes for participation though last night, and he was told he would not get a prize unless he somehow participated. Finally, as the kids lined up for their toys, he changed his mind (of course….my kid wanted a toy, too!) and the studio put on some jammin’ music for him.

He was so cute! When he finally got up there and did it, he wasn’t even shy and had so much personality. He actually showed us his rockin’ moves! I was so proud of him for going outside of himself and rising above his nerves. (even if it was just for a toy and from the peer pressure)

Hopefully, he learned something from this moment, and in the future, he won’t be as nervous to get up in front of people. He is only 5-years-old, but as a music teacher who works on performances with children, I know that these fears must be tackled when they’re young. Those nerves can carry on throughout a lifetime, and the more practice a child has at an early age….the better. Preschool teachers everywhere disagree with me on this topic. They claim performances for young children are too much pressure, but my experience shows me that if it’s handled correctly, it does a world of good.

In honor of my son’s courage last night, my song today is “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5. I love that Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera collaborated after working together on “The Voice,” and this song is just plain fun. So, with everyone watching, feel free to rock out with some Jagger-like dance moves, because performing takes guts!
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