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Rebel Rebel, #1252



I was not ready for this horrible news I woke up to today.  David Bowie dead?  The tears are streaming down my face.  I know I didn’t really know him, but I feel like I lost personal friend.  I have been so intimate with his music for so many years, and it has always been a constant that when I blare Bowie music through my speakers, I’m happy.

He was just so original and never conformed to just one style.  He was rock n’ roll, punk, pop, flamboyant, real, fashionable….everything I love in music all rolled into one.  I miss those qualities in today’s music….there’s rarely anyone who just sounds fresh, and just last week, there was even more music released by David Bowie to the world.

I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, but I didn’t care.  A new album held the possibility of a tour.  David Bowie was my dream concert….the one that I never got to but always hoped and prayed would eventually happen.  I had my eye on his website for years…just yearning for the day I’d see him live.

I’m heartbroken today.  We didn’t just lose a legend – we lost an innovative soul, and oh – how the loss of him stings.

My song of the day is Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel.”  It was hard to pick the perfect song for this moment.  There are so many to choose from.  I think though that David Bowie’s appeal is in his rebellious nature, and I just want to send this message to the universe for him….”Hot tramp, I love you so.”


Fashion, #1231



Oh gosh!  I am such a girlie girl, and sometimes in my rock ‘n roll music haze, I forget this basic element to my soul – until something happens that reminds me.

I will tell you what has brought my inner femme fatale to the forefront – a new amazing mall in my city!  I definitely have “mall rat” in my blood line, and the Tucson Premium Outlets are as good as anything I could have dreamt up.

There are over 60 stores in a beautiful setting – all top quality and all at discounted prices.  Too good, huh?

I am not one for crowds, and so we avoided the grand opening this past weekend.  Yesterday, on a Monday, we had a day off that most people are not off for, however, so we skipped over the crowds and bounced from store to store quite happily.  I bought some great new things, and man – I was holding back!  I could have bought so much more.  The Tucson Premium Outlets is a little bit of a dangerous place for me.  I could go nuts there!

So Tucsonans, we are lucky.  There is a source for new fashion at our fingertips.  Go check it out, and here’s little shopping music for y’all.  Nobody says “Fashion” better than Bowie!

Space Oddity, #986


Cardboard Box Spaceship

One thing about the summer time is that I am always so inspired by camp music, and my blogs usually end up reflecting that.  Every summer I pick out songs to teach the campers, and I always try to throw in songs that their parents will recognize and enjoy with them.

This past week at camp, the theme was “Out of This World,” so I taught the kids David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.”  They all loved it especially when I showed them the video of astronaut, Chris Hadfield, singing a cover of it from the International Space Station on the last U.S. mission into space.

That’s the topic of this blog today really….just how sad I am about the fact that the U.S. space shuttle missions are over.  It’s just such an unbelievable concept that my kids will not grow up watching take offs from Cape Canaveral or learn about sonic booms first hand when a space shuttle re-enters into the Earth’s atmosphere.

I wish the USA could send space shuttles up to space just for the mere fact that kids need dreams and great role models.  Will there be no more cardboard boxes turned into launching shuttles with costumes made of tin foil and clear plastic bowls as the astronaut suits?  Is this a thing of the past?  Oh, dear country….those space shuttle missions were not just about science, but they were so much more for children everywhere.

I broke my heart a little as the campers watched the Chris Hadfield video soaking it up like sponges with question after question in pure fascination.

My song of the day today is, of course, “Space Oddity.”  I’m giving you both versions to watch…one for the nostalgia of the music and one for the nostalgia of childhood dreams.


David Bowie…Space Oddity


Chris Hadfield….Space Oddity

Space Oddity, #943






My husband and I actually watched a movie together last night.  A grown up one.  This is an extremely rare occurrence since having kids.  After watching the Academy Awards last month though, we are inspired to see at least some of the nominated films.  We rented “Gravity.”  Afterall, it was the picture of the year, so it had to be good, right?

Funny though…I’m not really sure how I feel about this movie.  It had my heart racing at several moments, and I was glued to the story the entire time.  Sandra Bullock gave an incredible performance, too, and I always love George Clooney.  That said though, it was also a completely boring film all at the same time.  How could something be so thrilling yet so completely dull?

Though I think I liked “Gravity,” I am surprised this won the coveted Best Picture award.  I did not see most of the other films nominated, but nothing was better than that?  That is hard to believe!

The one film I did see this year, “Saving Mr. Banks,” was snubbed by the Oscars, and I walked away absolutely loving that movie.  I definitely loved it more than “Gravity.”

Anyhow…I know I’m a little behind the times in my movie going, but I’m just curious in what others thought about this film.  Chime in folks!  Do y’all agree with me?

Enjoy my song of the day….David Bowie singing “Space Oddity” is always a classic and is much more exciting than any movie could possibly be today.  He did the “lost in space” concept long before Bullock and Clooney.  Spot on Bowie!  You gotta love him!


Changes, #829


There’s been a strong shift in the wind.  I can feel it, and it all feels so good.

It all started with hiring a cleaning lady to come help us with our house every other week.  It is a bill we hate to pay, but we found that we were spending our entire weekends cleaning.  Our kids would be camped out in front of the TV for hours while we dusted, and vacuumed and scoured.  That is no way to spend a childhood.

With that one significant change, other changes began to happen:  new job, new activities, new ways to spend our time….it was like a snowball effect.

Yesterday, was the perfect family day that reflected it all.

We began our morning by going to see a family music concert at the toy store down the road.  One of the children we teach was performing, and it was awesome to show our support and to share it with our kids.  Afterwards, we hurried home to meet up with the piano teacher, and my daughter had her very first piano lesson, which was a big success.

Finally, we headed to the park for my son’s very first soccer game.  We spent the hour in the sun cheering on “The Mustangs.”  Boy…did those kids work hard!  They lost the game, but not without a lot of effort.  Check out my little soccer hero!  He’s front and center in the white shirt fully involved and concentrating on that ball.  I’m so proud of him!


Yesterday was perfect in every way.  We spent the whole day as a family doing things that were fun and good for us.  That is the way it’s supposed to be, and hallelujah to that shift in the wind that has brought about such good things!

My song of the day is David Bowie’s “Changes,” because change can be a really good thing.  Click HERE to hear the song on Youtube, and please be assured that these changes are ones that we are embracing head on!

The Jean Genie, #588


I get most of my music news from NME, the New Music Express, which is a popular UK publication/website that was created in 1952.  It began as a newspaper and slowly graduated to magazine and then to website over the decades.  They keep me up-to-date and are definitely my favorite resource in the industry.  I follow them on Twitter (@NME) and am constantly getting little tidbits all day long that completely perk up my day.

Today I read that David Bowie’s “Aladdin Sane” is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, and the album is being re-released.  Can you believe that?  40 years????!!!???

Bowie has always been one of my favorite artists, and every time one of his songs come on the radio, I can’t help but grin all over.  That is why I decided to spread a little bit of that sunshine on to all of you.  For all of my American music-loving blog followers who have never heard of NME, check them out!  You will love having them as a resource, too.  Click HERE for their website.

As for my song of the day, “The Jean Genie” comes from Bowie’s “Aladdin Sane” album.  To honor 40 years of Bowie, the most amazing artist, I have chosen it today for all of you to jam along to.  Click HERE to go to Youtube to listen to “The Jean Genie” and have a wonderful day!

More Than This, #480


It is no secret that I spent my wonder years daydreaming about Duran Duran and praying that somehow I would meet John Taylor and we’d live happily ever after when he realized I was the coolest girl in the whole world.  Simply….I loved him, and my “Durany” status is what defined me from 5th grade all the way through middle school.

When I discovered that John Taylor had written a biography, I began a countdown for the day I would finally be able to read it.  Yesterday was the day.  I purchased the book on IBooks for my IPad first thing in the morning and splurged on the extra $3 so I could read the “enhanced” version of the book.  I am so glad I did!  I’ve never read an “enhanced” book before, and it is the most awesome thing ever! There are little video clip commentaries every few pages of John Taylor and portions that are audio clips where he reads the book to you.  What an amazing way to enjoy a story.

The book is surprisingly well written, which is making me realize John Taylor’s talent is deeper than I expected.  He writes descriptively and with details that I only wish I could use to describe my childhood.  Yes, I am only 60 pages into the book, but I love delving into the life of my childhood crush.

What is striking me about this book is a realization that John Taylor became a famous pop star, because he was a music groupie and obsessed with his favorite bands just as I was with Duran Duran.  He used to wait outside stage doors to catch a glimpse of his favorite artists and listen in the wings of venues to sound checks on the afternoons before a concert when a favorite band was in town.  His first concert was David Bowie and then Roxy Music.  He even saved all of his ticket stubs to every show he went to all throughout his teenage years.

Music has an untouchable power.  It evokes passion and freedom within a soul, and it really is a universal language.  I love reading how that power guided a young boy from England to create one of the most awesome pop rock bands of all time.  I can’t stop grinning as I read these words.  I’m kind of dreading the part of the book when John Taylor faces demons and goes down a dark road.  I guess too much of anything can be a bad thing.

My song of the day is Roxy Music’s “More Than This,” as I pay homage to be being a huge music fan.  It is obvious to me just how much Roxy Music influenced Duran Duran’s initial music when they came on the scene.  So click HERE to go to Youtube and to hear John Taylor’s wonder years obsession.  I guess we all had one, and I’m glad that Duran Duran was mine.