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I’ll Stand By You, #1253



My cat died last night, and it was really quite devastating.  She was old – just about 16-years-old to be exact, and she lived with us for 15 years.  We have been feeling that this day was hidden somewhere in the shadows just waiting to sneak up us, but never did I think that the end would happen so suddenly with no warning.  One minute she was eating her breakfast with vigor and the next she was fighting for breath.  I suppose we’ll never really know what happened, but truthfully, what does it matter anyway?  We’re not getting her back, and we can all find comfort in knowing that she spent her last moments feeling the love pouring out of us.

I haven’t felt inspired to write lately, and even though I am extraordinary busy with work and school, writing during my free moments just hasn’t felt natural.  I hadn’t planned on writing about our cat dying either even though I have paid tribute to each of our pets as they crossed over the Rainbow Bridge over the years.

So what changed my mind you might all be wondering?  Simple.  It was the power of kindness.

When Nutmeg died last night, I posted a picture of her on Facebook and sent a RIP message out to the world.  I am absolutely moved and kind of dumbfounded, too, by the result.  Friends from all parts of my life left their beautiful remarks, but what really amazed me was the amount of strangers that wrote to me, too.  One woman emoted, “I don’t even know you and I’m crying. I dread this day. Condolences.”

She summed up the sentiment.  Our pets touch us in ways that people just can’t.  They speak to our gentlest sides and somehow know what we are feeling and offer comfort in their loving gaze.  Their stare speaks volumes – perhaps a deeper language than even the spoken word.

So with all that kindness comes inspiration.  I feel so connected to my fellow pet lovers, because they get it, and that is a beautiful thing.

My song of the day is by the Pretenders.  “I’ll Stand By You” is the ultimate show of support, and I am feeling it all around.  Thank you friends. xo


Rebel Rebel, #1252



I was not ready for this horrible news I woke up to today.  David Bowie dead?  The tears are streaming down my face.  I know I didn’t really know him, but I feel like I lost personal friend.  I have been so intimate with his music for so many years, and it has always been a constant that when I blare Bowie music through my speakers, I’m happy.

He was just so original and never conformed to just one style.  He was rock n’ roll, punk, pop, flamboyant, real, fashionable….everything I love in music all rolled into one.  I miss those qualities in today’s music….there’s rarely anyone who just sounds fresh, and just last week, there was even more music released by David Bowie to the world.

I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, but I didn’t care.  A new album held the possibility of a tour.  David Bowie was my dream concert….the one that I never got to but always hoped and prayed would eventually happen.  I had my eye on his website for years…just yearning for the day I’d see him live.

I’m heartbroken today.  We didn’t just lose a legend – we lost an innovative soul, and oh – how the loss of him stings.

My song of the day is Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel.”  It was hard to pick the perfect song for this moment.  There are so many to choose from.  I think though that David Bowie’s appeal is in his rebellious nature, and I just want to send this message to the universe for him….”Hot tramp, I love you so.”

Forever Young, #1059


An old family friend passed away yesterday.  Only the thing is, he wasn’t actually that old.  Death is always a hard pill to swallow, but when someone is taken too soon, it just plain sucks.  Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed several losses over the last couple of years of good people passing too young, and each time, it’s like there’s a new chink in my heart.  What a sobering feeling to begin the day with, but it’s an honest feeling that I know so many of my readers will relate to.

The only silver lining is that in our minds the memories of our too young lost loved ones will remain forever young.  Still, I’d take remembering them old just to have more time with any of them.

I am feeling sad today.  I guess every day can’t be a happy day.  Thank goodness for treasured photos to always look back to.

My song of the day is Rod Stewart’s “Forever Young.”  It was tough to choose between his “Forever Young” & Bob Dylan’s, but for the purpose of this blog, Stewart’s felt more appropriate.  Today is a day for hugging your loved ones a little tighter.  I’m off to do just that.

The End, #957


There’s no way to describe yesterday except to say that is just plainly sucked.  It was one of those days that you want to forget, but you know it will stay with you for a lifetime.

Yesterday I watched the raw despair of a family burying their 19-year old son/brother/cousin/nephew/friend after a sudden death.  I’m not going to go into detail about what a wonderful person this young man was, because the truth is, it is still too painful to write about.  I need some time before I can write a tribute blog for him.

What I will say is that going to a funeral of a young person who was taken away in the blink of an eye is a good dose of reality to get your priorities in check.  Right there in that moment of seeing this family’s suffering from the loss of someone who meant everything to them is enough to truly comprehend why you should tell the people you care for that you love them and why you shouldn’t let the small stuff in life get to you.

Life is precious, and it is so easy to forget that the number one most important thing is love.  We all get wrapped up in our day to day craziness, but as the Beatles said, “And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.”  That is why it is my song of the day, because if I haven’t said it…I love you.  And I really mean it.



A Moment of Silence, #932


It is not very often that I am at a loss for words.  Afterall, that is what I do.  I write every day to express what I’m feeling.  Today is different though.  I am most definitely at a loss.

We learned of some tragic news last night about the passing of a friend who lost his battle with cancer.  Too young, too soon…leaving behind a beautiful wife and two amazing kids.  He was my age, and the pain the family must be going though hits too close to home.  It could have happened to any one us, but cancer this time around struck the kindest and most innocent victims.

There really is not much else to say, so today, the Tucson Songstress is going silent in support of a family who I love dearly.  There is no song of the day.  Instead, please take a moment to appreciate the love you have in your life and to know you should never take advantage of it.

Stray Cat Strut, #454


In my household, we have too many pets.  People think we’re nuts when I tell them that we have 4 cats and a dog.  It’s not like we set out with a plan of having a lot of pets, but when my husband and I were dating all of those years ago, he had two cats, and I did, too.  When we got married, getting rid of our pets wasn’t even an option.  Our pets are part of our family, and we love them.  As for our dog, he’s another story.  We only added him into the mix 3 or 4 years ago.  We really wanted our kids to have the experience of being dog owners, and I’m so glad we made that choice.  Our sweet Bender, the beagle, brings so much love and joy to our home.

The reason I am bringing up this topic today is that it is my cat, Turtle Dove’s birthday.  She is 13-years-old, and is going strong.  Here is a picture of the birthday girl:

Turtle Dove is a miracle cat.  When our beloved cat, Pumpkin, who was her very best buddy, died 2 years ago, her sadness became reflected in her health.  A few months after Pumpkin passed, Turtle Dove suddenly stopped eating.  We called the vet.  “Don’t worry,” they said, “Cats lose their appetites sometimes.  Warm up her wet food in the microwave.”  It didn’t work.  She didn’t eat for a whole week and was suddenly admitted at the cat hospital and pumped full of fluids.  Over $1000 and  a lot of heart ache later, she suddenly for no reason at all came around.  It’s  like she suddenly snapped out of whatever she was going through.

A few months later, the whole thing happened again.  The second time around when she stopped eating we were sure we were going to lose her.  Again, no food for an entire week for this beautiful kitty, but somehow, she managed to pull through one more time for us.  She had  lost a lot of weight the second time around, and it wasn’t helping that the vet put her on a special prescription diet.

I believe that Turtle Dove has deep love in her.  Losing Pumpkin took its toll on her just like it did for all of her human family.  I also believe that she pulled though her two bouts of illness just for us.  I believe that she didn’t want us to have to deal with loss especially as were still grieving over Pumpkin.  She is the most caring cat, and she loves us as much as we love her.

So, now that you all think I’m a crazy cat lady, I will tell you all that I feel extraordinarily blessed to have furry friends.  They bring so much to our lives, and in honor of my sweet feline’s birthday, my song of the day is “The Stray Cat Strut” by the Stray Cats.  I love this band and that they put Rockabilly on the map back in the ’80’s.  I have mad respect for Brian Setzer and his talent and how he combined his style with punk rock.  It’s a great song, so click HERE to go to Youtube to hear it.

Please help me wish Turtle Dove a very happy birthday today.  You can do this just by giving your own kitties a little extra love, and adding one extra beautiful purr to the world.  Happy birthday Turtle Dove!

Body in a Box, #249


It was impossible yesterday to not watch at least some of Whitney Houston’s funeral. There were many tears, impeccable eulogies and some of the most touching performances by the heavy hitters of the music industry.

I kept reading comments on Facebook where people were referring to Whitney’s “going home” service as a circus. Sure, the 1500 mourners, video cameras, performers, all day coverage on CNN, etc. may come across as theatrical, but I beg to differ. Everybody mourns in their own way, and as I see it, this is how Whitney’s people had to come to terms with this loss.

I personally have never been to a Baptist service and certainly not a “going home” service, but I understand from the coverage that they are typically quite long. In this case, Whitney Houston always had a lot of people surrounding her, and so many of them needed to say goodbye.

I appreciated the media coverage, because it allowed her fans to mourn, as well. There were some beautiful stories, and I especially appreciated Kevin Costner’s perfect remembrance of her. It really painted a picture of Whitney Houston’s human side, and it was nice to get a real glimpse into her life.

Though it may have been a “circus” to some of you, it is hard to know how any of us would handle death if one of our loved ones passed away and were famous. Who are we to judge? I feel at peace knowing she was laid to rest in the way that her family needed to see her go.

My song of the day, is by a little known performer from Canada named City and Colour. His real name is Dallas Green, and he is a very thoughtful and poetic singer/songwriter. The song is called “Body in a Box,” and I commend him for taking death head on. The lyrics are honest and beautiful and maybe a little morbid, too. I thought the song was perfect for this moment, because famous or not, we all die and become a “Body in a Box.” Sad, but bitterly true.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. I actually feel like I went to church yesterday, and this Jewish girl can say that I got a lot of comfort out of it.
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